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Somehow deciding to start a blog has been the shift I needed to get myself back into a positive space. I don’t think it is merely putting words on the page, because my private journal writing  hasn’t helped me lately. In fact, even trying to journal has been almost painful, as I stumble over words and emotions that I can’t fully express, and try to suppress, No, there is something about the potential for the words to actually be read that has made the difference for me. It’s not like I expect to be discovered as the next best thing in the history of writing (although, honestly, who wouldn’t love to become the next author of blog turned book turned movie a la Julie and Julia).  Somehow, recognizing that I actually might have a few readers, makes me want to recommit to writing, and that in itself is healing me. I wrote twice yesterday (for the blog and in my private journal). I woke up this morning with two things that I want to write about (and this is the first). True, I haven’t touched any of my fiction projects (I’m in the beginning of novel number 2, and have to find a home for my middle grade novel called Giving up the Ghosts) but that will come in time. So thank you, if you are reading this, for helping me find a reason to write again.

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