Dream Madness

Visiting my daughter’s teacher at her home, she seems to own many exotic creatures, including a giant gorilla. She leaves us at her house and a mystical vortex opens up sucking Nathan in and morphing him into some kind of ape-like creature.

Waiting to board an airplane that is being held up because Mike Ditka [don’t ask me] is insisting on his choice of seats. I finally argue that they have to let the rest of us board. We go out to the tarmac, only to discover that in order to get to the plane we have to get on an old bus. Somehow the bus gets pushed into a huge puddle of muddy water that covers the whole thing. All of the passengers get together to push the bus out of the puddle. Then, the bus driver takes off. Some of the passengers manage to jump on the back of the bus (which has now turned into a kind of bus/flat-bed truck combo thing) but a group of us are left behind running after the bus. The bus races around a curve that brings it around to the road below us, at the bottom of the hill. It seems the fastest way to catch it is for our group to slide down this giant drain pipe into a murky swamp below, which we promptly do. I speed down the open pipe until it reaches a point where it closes. Being a little claustrophobic, I climb to the top of the closed pipe and continue my slide until I splash down below and race to the road.

The scene changes. My sister and I have a little shop (more like a stand) right on the edge of a river. Literally on the edge. You can jump from the open front of the shop into the water. A family comes to look at our wares, and then goes up river for a boat ride. A while later, I see the children floating on a raft, the parents nowhere to be seen. I dive into the water to check on the kids. The river isn’t natural, it is more like a long, flowing swimming pool that continues for miles. The kids are all right, so I swim back to the shop and notice that you can’t tell what we are selling. I climb out and get into a debate with my sister about creating a better sign that can be seen from the river.

And the dreams continue . . .

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