Sparkle Ponies on Parade

This morning Okoboji Summer Theatre will participate in the Spirit Lake opening of summer parade (weather permitting of course–it looks grey out there). Sarah is singing “I love a parade.” Not the real song, her own version as she gets ready to participate. Her costume consists of one of her costumes from her dance recital (green sparkly with fringe and black pants) and a sparkle pony head and tail. The theme for the float this year is “Be Our Guest” from Beauty and the Beast, so they pulled out all the fantasy/prince/princess costumes available. Last time we did this, when Sarah was 5, she had a blast riding on the float and handing out candy. I wish that I could feel the same kind of excitement she feels just hearing the word parade. As one of my many goals related to rediscovering and redefining myself, I am going to regain y inner child and find joy in the simple things of life.  Because, without that, I don’t think life is worth living. So, today I embrace my inner sparkle pony (although I am going to wear a different sparkly costume) and I am going to join the parade!

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