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I admit it, I am addicted to looking at my blog stats. Even though I have not been writing regularly, I can’t resist checking in to see if anyone has visited my blog recently. Face it, the purpose of blogging is to put your thoughts and ideas out there and hope that somebody reads them. I know that I haven’t written anything earth-shattering, but it is nice to know that some people actually are interested in hat I have to say.

But today it got me thinking about how my blog is getting out there. I clicked on the links to the referrers (the sights that sent others to my blog). Now, sometimes I recognize them (like the link to my website–woo hoo someone is looking at that). A couple of referrers are mysterious and some are links to advertising. The mysterious ones are what disturb me. For example, today there is a link to something that ends with “death-to-America”. Scary, huh? I am the first to admit that I question some things about American society, but that is also my right as a citizen. Most of what aggravates me are the prejudices and inconsistencies that people promote as a right of freedom, and the lack of understanding that many in our country have for the troubles in the world. Our arrogance frustrates me. But that doesn’t mean I hate democracy or anything like that. So why would my blog be linked to something like that. I would hate to think that my words are being used by some kind of terrorist organization to further a sickening cause. Or maybe I represent the reasons people hate America.

I find it creepy, like big brother is watching me.

So let me put this out clearly, I am pretty much a pacifist, but I will fight for the people and things I love. I have strong opinions and I am willing to share them, but I will not be used as a tool to promote hate!  I hope people read my blog, and I hope that people will respond in comments, but I will not be used as some kind of mysterious tool to promote negativity.

I don’t know if any of this makes sense, but I figured I should write something as it is a disturbing question. I don’t think many of us are aware about the complexity that comes with life on the web. We write, we blog, we create, we vent . . . but we don’t really know where our words go. The complexity of the modern world leads to any number of questions. Please, help me anser them: Who are we touching? What is being learned and discovered? What images are being created in readers minds? How do people find blogs? What makes you read one blog versus another? Why do we write?

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