Writing to be Read

I find it very interesting which of my blogs attract readers and which don’t. There seems to be no real rhyme or reason behind people’s choices, but perhaps there is and I am simply having trouble discerning the pattern. When I write about something serious, or something I am truly passionate about, I have fewer readers. When I write about something silly or frivolous, I get more readers. When I write something creative, again fewer readers.

I don’t know that this phenomenon has anything to do with the quality of my writing. Some of my pieces I think are pretty decent. Some probably could use revision. Sometimes I think I am unclear, but people respond. Sometimes I think I’m being brilliant, and there is nothing. Perhaps that means that I am not a very good judge of my own writing. But I don’t think so. I am my harshest critic. And while my I don’t always critique my own blog, or revise for perfection, I do on the ones that mean the most.

I guess I wonder what attracts people to blogs. I don’t mean writing blogs, but reading them. I understand what I read, and why I choose certain things. Lately I have also just browsed, trying to find things that interest me or intrigue me. I enjoy reading what others have to say and how they say it. But what attracts people to certain blogs, certain topics, certain pages? Is blogging about entertainment or about communication? Is blogging a place to learn about and discuss ideas or merely a place to express yourself for yourself?

What is this world of blogging that I have entered?

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  1. Nathan
    Oct 15, 2010 @ 23:13:28

    I think it has to do with the title you give it and perhaps the automatically generated related posts might scan for key words.


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