What If . . . ?

3D Character and Question Mark

What if you woke up one morning to discover all your dreams had come true? Would you create new dreams? I would, because life without dreams sounds boring to me.

What if you found out that everyone had only 6 months to live? That is the premise of the book I am reading, On the Beach by Nevil Shute, a post-apocalyptic story that takes place in the early 1960’s after the entire Northern hemisphere has destroyed itself through nuclear war. The radiation is slowly making its way South while the people there wait aware that their time is short. Sounds depressing, doesn’t it? Well, in a way it is, in a way it is also very beautiful. Reading this made the words “what if” pop into my head, leading to this post. So what if this really happened? How would your spend your remaining time?

“What if . . . ?” is the basis of all stories, large and small. It is the basis of understanding ourselves.

What if the world came to its senses and stopped trying to destroy each other in ways big and small? Would we actually have a peaceful existence? I don’t think so. Part of the joys and pains of being human is that we have the freedom to think and believe as we want. So while I daily wish for some sanity in the ranks of government, or for sense that allows people health care and equal marriage rights, and all that; I recognize that we will never all agree. If we did, we would simply find another battle to fight, another argument to wage, another “us vs. them.”

The question “What if . . .?” opens worlds of possibilities, while at the same time uncovers hidden truths.

“What if . . .?” is the question. Writing, is the answer.

7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. nathan010
    Feb 03, 2011 @ 08:07:48

    First thing that comes to mind is the WTF moment being changed to the WI moments. Instead of the shock and trying to figure out the statement, indecent, action, you have a moment of hope or optimism.


    • Lisa
      Feb 03, 2011 @ 08:13:47

      What if I could change that moment, where would it go? Maybe that would cause another, different WTF moment in a never-ending cycle. Interesting and complex.


  2. vixter2010
    Feb 03, 2011 @ 08:09:10

    Like you, I have those daydreams where I imagine my dreams coming true, which I wouldn’t give up but I would hate to miss out on something or wish I had done something I had been too scared to do and then wonder “what if?”
    I watched the film ‘Letters to Juliet’ recently and that poses a similar “What if?” debate – what if you missed out on your true love, would you just spend you time regreting it or do something about it?


  3. Tori Nelson
    Feb 03, 2011 @ 09:09:08

    You MUST check out the IF book. It is a small book of IF questions that pack a big punch! I am a constant What-If-er. I think it keeps me open to possibility!


  4. Lisa
    Feb 03, 2011 @ 09:30:48

    What if the arts were truly valued in this country? Sigh.


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