Turtle and Butterfly Tease . . . Part I


Last Monday I went on a journey that connected me with turtles and butterflies. Then I had some difficult days, which I did not blog about.

During the difficult days, the image of turtles and butterflies kept calling out. “Escape the pain and confusion and bring us to life!” the said, in voices that whispered with the breeze and swished like the water.

Not knowing exactly what I wanted to do, I wandered over to the local Wal-Mart (the only place nearby that I knew I could find some limited supplies) an browsed. I ended up buying four canvas panels and some oil pastels. Granted, if I knew better, I would recognize that oil pastels don’t work that well on canvas, but I was just going with the flow.

I have designed something that together forms a whole image, while each panel serves as its own separate individual image.  I will share two of them with you now, as they are the most complete. When I finish the other two, I will share the whole. They are not perfect, but sometimes you simply need to express yourself in a different way.  The Moon Lady was my first (and probably the best), now comes Turtle Wings.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kathryn McCullough
    Jul 30, 2012 @ 16:26:42

    I love the one image I can see. For some reason I’m not getting any more. I suspect it has to do with some snaffu in my internet connection. Alas. Glad you bought the supplies and went to work. The issues with incompatible materials might have been a necessary part of the process, somehow.

    Can’t wait to see you next week!



  2. lisaspiral
    Jul 30, 2012 @ 18:09:22

    @Kathy, I had to sit with it a few minutes and then it started doing the slide show thing.
    Lisa – I love the idea of turtle wings! I hope that the art got you through the hard stuff. Looking forward to the whole thing.


  3. Kathy
    Aug 02, 2012 @ 16:12:25

    We should always listen to the turtles and butterflies. It is good that we can create from their words, from their messages, from what we do not yet understand.


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