The Return of the Tentative Blogger

Two weeks have passed since I declared that I was on a blogging hiatus.

In those two weeks, regardless of intent, it seems like I haven’t written a single word. Unless, of course, you count revising my bio, updating my CV, commenting occasionally, working on syllabi, e-mails for a variety of reasons, and the occasional Facebook update.

I haven’t done any work on my manuscript. I haven’t written a single Morning Page. I haven’t attempted a blog post.

Nothing, nada, zip.

Granted, much of the last two weeks have been spent in a sort of Staycation with Sarah and Nathan, as it was the only time all summer where we had no obligations and/or responsibilities.

One day we went to Borderlands for a hike, which included a spontaneous dance to the outdoor concert as we got back to the car.

But I still expected more of myself.

Then again, there was the distraction of getting an e-mail on the same Sunday as I declared my hiatus asking if I would be interested in picking up another adjunct course at a private  University for the fall. By Tuesday I was hired, by Wednesday I was attending an orientation.  The course is a 300 level class called Studies in Drama offered by the Literary and Cultural Studies department, so it is kind of an introduction to dramatic literature with high expectations for the students. In addition, the students from this particular university expect a lot of interaction over Blackboard, the on-line course management system, so I needed to figure out how to incorporate that into my course structure as well.

Did I mention that the majority of the students are business majors from a university that specializes in business? This means that many of them will be taking the class to fulfill a requirement, which gives me the added challenge of making it all the more interesting and fascinating.

Needless to say, preparing for it has been a challenge and I am a little nervous.

Perhaps TERRIFIED would be a better description of how I am feeling.

The prep work is (nearly) complete, and I begin on Tuesday at the new University. I am also teaching classes on T-Th at Nathan’s university which means a lot of driving on those days as well.  (One place is in Massachusetts about 20 minutes from my home, the second place is in Rhode Island about 40 minutes away). Add to that the possibility that I might be involved in a grant (pending funding) working with Latino students grades 3-6 to promote literacy through a 16 week drama program (twice a week, two hours after school) and it looks like a very busy semester.

Somewhere in that I need to find time to write?

Through all of this, I have had moments where I thought, “I could blog about that . . . but NO.” The thoughts were there, the motivation not so much.  Things that I was tempted to blog about:

  • The fact that I continually get e-mails asking for donations to support campaigns against Republicans because they are “outspending” the Democrats. Of course they are, they are trying to buy the election. But, does it make sense to fight fire with fire, or doesn’t it make more sense to win an election based on honesty rather than fundraising? (I could write about this, but then again I don’t really have the stomach to write that much in-depth about politics or the election. It’s too nauseating.)
  • The fascinating story of Blanche Ames, who was a major player in the suffragette movement in Massachusetts, as well as a supporter of birth control and a Smith alumna.She was also an artist, a writer, and an inventor. She seems like an incredible woman who I want to learn more about.  She and her husband, botanist Oakes Ames built an estate now known as Borderlands. The day we went hiking was also a day that they gave tours focusing on her roles in getting the women the vote, and given what is currently happening to women’s rights I was thoroughly inspired. After hearing her story, Sarah and I rang the bell at the Ames house, a bell she rang every day at noon until women got the right to vote.  It felt like an important moment in guiding Sarah toward becoming a woman who believes in equality for all.


  • My parents 50th anniversary is coming up. I would like to write about that, but I struggle with it. What would this anniversary be if my father wasn’t struggling with Alzheimer’s? As much as this is a celebration, it is one tinged with sadness and nostalgia. How does one write about that? Next week, I will share with you the super secret project I am working on in honor of  their special day.  (Oh, did you see that, I think I have committed to posting once a week!)

    My parents several years ago in Durango, CO.

  • New beginnings. Enough said.

I could continue the list, but I am still unsure about where I go from here in terms of this blog. I will just be open to possibilities, as these past few weeks have shown that seems to open up doors. I hope that I will start writing in some form again more regularly, but at least for now I’ve dipped a tentative toe back into the pool. Only time will tell where I go from here.

17 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Stuart Nager
    Sep 02, 2012 @ 08:01:20

    Welcome back. Once you settle in, you’ll find the time.


  2. Barbarann Ayars
    Sep 02, 2012 @ 09:13:42

    I’m confused. I thought you wanted a full, busy, challenging, contributive life. And voila, after only two weeks you have one! Organization is everything. Sorry about the driving. In the mix of so much challenge, what might come out is a better picture of what made your heart sing, what you’d most like to spend your creativity on. Re the the issue of buying the election: this president said he’d have a billion dollars for ad campaigns and would use no pacs. Oops. Didn’t find that funding. Okay, super pacs. Two hundred million dollars later, he’s behind. Who is trying to buy an election? I would point out that whatever money Romney is spending clearly isn’t buying you. Romney pacs are only released for spending since the candidate’s acceptance acceptance so I have no numbers yet but expect it to be huge. But buying the election? I can’t find a single liberal friend who even watched the RNC, though I will be glued to the DNC to hear what will move you. Most of us have made up our minds; not much will budge us. But I am so grateful for the nation’s conversation, including yours. I’m looking forward to the Clinton moment…tongue in cheek…I don’t think we’re having fun yet.


    • Lisa Wields Words
      Sep 02, 2012 @ 10:12:51

      Nothing to be confused about. I’m not complaining, just reflecting on the chaos. I actually won’t mind the drive as long as it isn’t bad weather. It will give me time to listen to NPR or just think.

      And, in a way, that was my whole point about the money. If the argument is that the Republicans are trying to buy the election, then why are the Democrats using similar techniques and focusing on money. To be fair, I am not watching either convention because I am basically sick of the whole thing. 😛 The more inundated I get with all the garbage the more I turn off the media. I’m not even listening to NPR until election coverage is over. It doesn’t mean I am not aware, just tired of the silliness from both sides.


      • thebestdigger
        Sep 07, 2012 @ 09:54:28

        Keeping up with the lunacy is a full time job. One of the founding fathers said of politicians, “they bear watching”. I doggedly watched both conventions on C-span, without the filters of media. I have a brain not requiring some talking head to tell me what was said. Capturing the truth requires being fully informed, not easy with so many well paid liars saying anything and everything for their own purposes. I only know my own situation. I only know the massive changes in health care across thirty years. Costs will not come down, administering the program, or any program jacks up the cost…which delivers nothing to the patient… and it is unfunded. I am as disillusioned as you are. But it does not keep me from calling both my senators weekly. I think that is my responsibility to do. Keeping them accountable to me, since I pay their salaries, takes time. If more people did that, perhaps we’d choose better representatives. And maybe have better choices. When you have someone calling his own governor Eva Braun, you have one ugly character. How is that constructive? And to what end? We should all be ashamed of that behavior and call that embarrassment to account.

        Given where you live, bad weather will come. I know the feeling. Hate that! Stay safe. On that issue, I promise to keep you in my heart.


  3. nathan010
    Sep 02, 2012 @ 09:17:41

    Administration always say orientation, but in reality it is always Disorientation.


  4. thelifeofjamie
    Sep 02, 2012 @ 10:01:55

    You sound like a busy lady! You have a lot going on…good for you! It’s okay to not blog for. Little while. It gets your creative juices flowing!


  5. Andra Watkins
    Sep 02, 2012 @ 15:31:02

    I’m always happy to see you here, Lisa, and really glad that you have so many things going on right now. Your cup is full. That will give you all kinds of things to write about. 🙂


  6. joannevalentinesimson
    Sep 02, 2012 @ 18:04:09

    Welcome back, Lisa. You might (or might not) have noticed that I’ve scarcely blogged at all this summer. Too preoccupied with other things, including a two month trip to the northern wilds (largely incommunicado). Hope to start writing more too, but I don’t feel I owe that to anybody else. And I hear you when you talk about blog topics you would like to do and somehow can’t muster the enthusiasm (and/or time) to actually write.


    • Lisa Wields Words
      Sep 02, 2012 @ 23:15:42

      That sounds like an excellent reason to not blog. Living life is much more important than writing about it, after all you have nothing to write if you don’t have a life. 🙂


  7. benzeknees
    Sep 04, 2012 @ 02:17:09

    Congrats on the new teaching position – it sounds very challenging & I think you enjoy a challenge.


  8. lisaspiral
    Sep 04, 2012 @ 13:18:00

    What an exciting fall you have ahead of you. Looking forward to your occasional willingness to write about what you’re up to.


    Sep 05, 2012 @ 08:28:20

    Good luck with your new teaching postion. I am sure you will make it exciting. Find your balance and blog when it makes sense. We’ll be here!


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