Life Without Tenure

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A while back I started writing in reaction to the experiences I was having in the academic world, a world that still thrives on what I believe is a somewhat dated system of tenure. The initial words came from a truly negative space, because of my anger and frustration at that system. Yet, I think that there are greater lessons to be learned, and that my story is not the only one to be told. As many have discovered recently, whether it be because of the economy or because of health issues or other random factors, there is little security in this world. Does that mean that we should stop living? Should we stop pursuing passion and dreams in a world that, at times, can seem hopeless? I hope that this becomes an answer to that, by showing that we can thrive on the lack of security.  From that absence comes beauty, imagination, and powerful life experiences. The stories of myself and others can show the true power that comes from living life without tenure.

The stories in here do not just include rants about academia. It can’t because, in many ways, I am still an academic. I still love teaching (in some ways), and I still believe in the power of education. But, I’ve learned through my own experiences, as well as the experiences of others that there may not be a clear path to happiness, and that there really is no security.  Living life fully is the most important element of living.

Some of these stories are my own, some belong to other people. I have borrowed stories that touch me the most, as I am surrounded by miracles.  Not the religious kind, with saints and gods making appearances in trees and healing the doomed.  These are the miracles of people who are facing or have faced challenges brought on by the unknown.  Their journeys are ones filled with strength, bravery, fear, joy, pain, depression, sorrow, and happiness. Their battles are hardly over, but the facts, the stories, and the lessons they’ve learned and can teach are the miracles.

The stories, as I tell them are fictionalized versions.  In some cases I change names to protect the people involved, as the stories are not completely over. In some I chose not to change names, because these people deserve to be recognized and celebrated.  But the words are mine; my understanding, my vision, my belief in the power of miracles.  These people have all touched me and inspired me, and I only hope I can do justice by them in words.

To protect myself, as well as others, some of these stories are password protected. If you feel that you need to read them, contact me for a password.


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