How to (Not) Annoy a Jewish Teenager ( WCGU)

I haven’t joined Julia’s 100 Word Challenge for Grownups in a while, but I thought I would this week. Check  out the challenge and read other participants by linking  on this image.

  1. Make Passover her favorite Jewish holiday, including special plates and the chance to eat Kosher for Passover cake for breakfast (the only time cake for breakfast would be allowed). Make all of her favorite foods. Fill the house with matzah.
  2. When she is in high school, schedule musical technical and dress rehearsals so they coincide with Passover. Be sure to bring lots of chocolate Easter candy to entertain the cast. Make her wonder why it must be Passover as she keeps looking at all of that chocolate.
  3. Bring  her a box of chocolate covered Matzah.

Click the image for a link to’s recipe for chocolate covered matzah.

The Magic of Midnight (100 WCGU)

The midnight hour holds the deepest magic.

Once a year, colored lights fill the sky as midnight strikes; celebrating a new beginning and scaring off the evil spirits of yesteryear. Anything and everything becomes possible, balancing on the line between what was and what will be.

A kiss at midnight, either that of true love or the icy touch of a departed loved-one as he says goodbye.

At midnight we can let go of yesterday and take our first steps into tomorrow,

The known and the unknown lie in balance; it’s up to us to embrace the magic and step into the unknown.

My first night in Bratislava.

Night time magic in Bratislava, Slovakia

‘Tis the Season of “Bah Humbug!” (100 WCGU)

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Bah Humbug!
Words I want to yell
in a holiday season that’s gone to h#@%

What’s there to celebrate
in a world gone mad
when every day brings word of one more sad?

Children killed
before their life begins
warped people yelling that it’s because of a world full of sin.

I look for hope
from the kind ones I know
who hurt as much as I do, to see the world so.

I yearn to celebrate
a time of peace and joy
not just an excuse to buy another toy.

Instead I find myself
In search of a sign
that there is love in the world, and it is benign.


In Defense of Gray (100 WCGU)

Gray is such a dismal word
but why must it be so?
It makes pink pop
Red and orange too
It even heralds snow.

It’s neutral
It’s not black or white
It doesn’t judge or take a stance
Some say it helps stabilize
And make vibrant colors dance.

Native Americans, some people say
associate gray with friends
It symbolizes security
Upon gray you can depend.

But still gray skies indicate
days of doom and gloom
Unless you choose to take that day
as an opportunity
a chance to read a book, drink some tea,
and snuggle in your room.


This is my entry in Julia’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown-ups this week, with the prompt “Grey” (or gray, which is the correct spelling?). For an old look at Gray in my life visit a poem of mine from a while back called “A Gray Day”


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