Life After Chip (100 Word Challenge for GrownUps)


Combine a little jet lag, a summer theatre, a fantasy novel with fairy tales, and this weeks picture challenge and this is the result.

You can’t escape your roots. My mother lived her life serving others with a song and a smile, even when hindered by a magic spell that turned her into a teapot. She made those difficult years a joy for me, despite the annoying chip in my rim and the handle on my side. She was overjoyed when our master, the Beast found his Beauty and fell in love, not only because it meant we could take on our human form.  The memories of the spell haunted me, so I left the castle to find my own way to serve. The memories still remain.

Confronting the Darkness (100 WCGU)

It has been a while since I have participated in Julia’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups, but this weeks challenge  “… in the dark recess of my mind ..” seemed to speak to the journey I have been on lately. Be sure to visit the challenge for other people’s entries.

Confronting the Darkness

“You can’t,” whispers a creature, hidden in the darkness. I can feel the freezing touch of its leathery wings, and the tickle as it haunts my thoughts. “You will fail,” it taunts me, fetid breath poisoning my thoughts, weighing me down with impossibility. I try to break its hold, banish it from the dark recess of my mind, but it is a sneaky creature, sometimes appearing in a gentler guise. A glistening black fairy with feathery wings, lulling me into a sense of possibility, dangling dreams in front of me before pulling them away with a cruel tinkling laugh. The only answer lies in writing the light.

Time to Forgive? (100 WCGU)

This weeks 100 Word Challenge for Grownups is a continuation, of sorts from last week’s challenge. We need to use the last 10 words of someone else’s writing from last week to prompt our response this week. This is also a two-week challenge (because of vacation I think) so I may try to do a few of these. But, for my first one I was instructed to use the piece following mine as my source prompt. Confused yet? Don’t be. The source of my 10 words is called “For Old Times’ Sake” at lorrainfort’s blog. My challenge follows:

Debra looked around the small group of aging women.  “Our class is dwindling,” she whispered to Brian, who gripped her hand more tightly.

“Are you ready for this,” he asked?

“I have to be,” Debra peered through groups of women still recognizable despite the ravages of time. Finally she saw Amy, sitting like a queen bee amidst her followers.  Amy’s eyes widened when she noticed Debra. Debra watched as Amy excused herself and then took hesitant steps in her direction.

“Here she comes,” Brian gave her hand a squeeze and stepped away.

Debra tried to stand tall. What would happen this time? Passionate sharing of youthful memories? would they finally, finally…


The Bed & Breakfast (100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups)


Click here for more about the challenge, and to see some of the other submissions. They are always fabulous.

Ellen wandered from room to room; seeking the things she loved the most. Her Aunt Annie’s B&B had always been a place of refuge, inside the enveloping arms of her favorite aunt. Nevertheless, Annie was gone, and the Victorian décor Ellen used to love seemed cloying, frilly and intimidating. The smell of age permeated and suffocated. The halls echoed with emptiness. “I can’t run this place without you,” she said to the empty rooms. As if in response, music started playing from the nearby sitting room: the ancient Victrola eerily playing. “But I know, I turned it off.” Ellen thought.

Earth Magic (100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups)

This week’s prompt over at Julia’s Place is the following picture. It seems to me to come from the land of the Storyteller, so here goes. Please check out some of the other contributors at Julia’s Place.

“You must learn the earth magic,” the ancient crone said. “Use your vision to reach deep into the earth and use its bounty to create.” At first I saw only darkness, but then I saw myself moving through the soil smelling the richness of the earth, seeking out the buried roots of the tree lying dead next to us. They still thirsted for water, but had no way to drink.  I eased the roots up, out of the ground, to find new meaning. Their rugged dryness creaked and groaned, twisting together to become the image of life and power.

“It’s Not My Fault” (100 Word Challenge)

This week, Julia gave the same challenge to both children and adults. She has a magnificent program going where schools all over England (and the world) have students posting 100 Word Challenges, and people can read and respond. By giving us both the same challenge, she is hoping to get more adults responding and have some young people come over to look at ours.  So, I decided to take this weeks challenge phrase “it’s not my fault” from a young perspective. Enjoy! Then take a peak at other entries, by young and old alike.


“It’s not my fault,” I heard Johnny say
“Mom won’t let me come out to play.
I didn’t do anything wrong, I swear!
I didn’t mean to destroy Sarah’s teddy bear.
Can I help it if my rooms a mess?
I have better things to do with my time I guess.
Mom’s so mean! She’s  no fun!
She forgets what it feels like to run
as quickly as you can and slide across the floor . . .
Is it my fault I broke the door?
It’s all her fault, I cannot play
she won’t let me out today. ”


The Best Gift (100 Word Challenge)

I have been away from Julia’s 100 Word Challenge for Grownups for a while, and feel a little rusty. But, it always helps me get my writer juices flowing, so here is my contribution to this weeks challenge, which is:

Anyway, I thought I’d put reaching this milestone to good use. your prompt for this week is

…you bought her what…

I haven’t put in any punctuation because I don’t want to influence any of you. Normal rules apply – only 100 words, suitable for PG certificate and in by Monday 30th January.

The Best Gift

You bought her whatever she asked for, within the limits of your budget. If she wished it, she had it, in an attempt to give her all her dreams. Little did you know that her most treasured keepsakes lived in a box: mementos of the beginnings of love, faded letters and postcards that cost little but spoke more. Little did you know that what she really needed was not in your power to give, but was something she had to live. Slowly, you recognized that the gifts were not helping, so you gave her one last present—the gift of time.

And now . . . A Message for Julia

I hope that when I reach that ___0 age (or the one that approaches) I am as inspirational and busy as you are. Thank you for everything you do. I wish for you a year full of blessings, joy, adventures, and challenges (the good kind) that you meet with the grace and beauty you have shown us this year.

A Lee Family Holiday (100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups)

Sung to the tune of Winter Wonderland.* Explanations included below.

Stomach ache just beginning
As Jiji** keeps insisting
You have to eat more
There is food galore
At a Lee fam’ly holiday.

Turkeys cooked in all ways
Not just for the holidays
Roasted and more
Sometimes number four***
At a Lee fam’ly holiday.

In the morning we can open presents
But perhaps we shouldn’t eat too much.
For the party later is in essence
A feast so full of plenty, you’ll be stuffed.

After all the tummy stuffing
Then card battles over nothing
We play into the night
with somewhat friendly fights****
Nibbling on the leftovers while we play.


* The challenge this week:

“I want to to choose a favourite carol and re-write it with the theme of a Christmas Dinner. You have to tell your readers which carol it is and they have to be able to sing your version back to themselves. That means the right tempo and beat. You may not need 100 words but I’ll give you that many just in case! Generous aren’t I?!!”

** Jiji: Sarah’s name for my father-in-law.

*** One year there was a roasted turkey, a steamed turkey, a barbeque turkey, and a deep fried turkey in addition to many other meat options and side dishes and dessert of course.

****Shanghai Rummy, an awesome card game that leads to a little bit of competitive bidding.

Waiting (100 Word Challenge for Grownups)

We waited in near silence for a sign, barely daring to hope. Would we hear the pealing of bells announcing victory? Or would it be the pounding footsteps of booted soldiers carrying messages of doom?

Mother’s voice cracked in a broken whisper, “Is it me or are bells ringing?’

I strained to hear, and only found ringing silence, broken occasionally by the rise of the wind or the crackle of a log on the fire.  Soon I could only hear the beating of my own fearful heart.

“Is it me or are bells ringing?” asked Grandma, echoing mothers words.

This time I cautiously opened the door.

Windows Weather the Winds of Time (100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups)

This weeks challenge comes from the fabulous Julia with a wonderful picture from Terry who always inspires me with her photographic eye. Today she inspired me to a little bit of poetry.

Click on the image to visit Terry's blog, The Incredible Lightness of Seeing

Windows weather the winds of time
sharing secrets with none.
Reflecting stories of sadness and change
in a house that was once a home.

Windows look out on a world of green
or brown or gold or white
staying silent about lives they’ve seen
and memories they hold tight.

Windows dream of a time gone by
when inside the glow was strong
when the warmth within
held the darkness out
and the window did no wrong.

Windows weather the winds of time
despite cracked panes and boards
sharing no secrets and yet holding all
of lives, of loves, of words.

Be sure to visit other participants in this challenge. You will find them at Julia's Place

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