An Autumn Adventure (100WCGU)

So I changed the tense and the wording of this week’s challenge phrase ” . . . as the apple fell . . . “? What can I say, I’m a rebel. Be sure to check out other people’s submissions.

Her hands grasp rough tree bark, limbs seeking support to climb toward the crystal sky. Bright apples dangling below don’t challenge the determined picker. They call for immediate consumption, sweet juices dripping down chins and hands creating finger-licking fun. The climber strives to reach the perfect specimen –ruby red, with only the slightest touch of green. A flawless fruit, large enough to fill the empty spaces but small enough to maintain the delicate combination of sweet and sour she craves. As she stretches toward her prize a hungry breeze claims it first. “The search continues,” she says as she watches the apple fall.

An Autumn Etheree, 100 Word Challenge for Grownups

This week, Julia has made the challenge trickier, by giving us the phrase “. . . the autumn leaves . . . ” and only 50 words. Since I’ve been waxing eloquent about autumn in several posts now, I thought I’d make my challenge even trickier by attempting another etheree.

An Autumn Etheree

leaves, fly, red
orange, gold . . .  flames
gleaming in warm sun
on cool air scented with
spiced apple, pumpkin, and leaves
that crunch and crackle underfoot
as children jump into growing piles
of fun and jack o’ lanterns learn to smile.

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