Jimble Jamble Bibble Babble

This is one of those moments when I have so many words, ideas, and emotions coursing through my system that I am not sure where to begin. I hope to produce a somewhat more coherent and quality post later today, but I need to get control of the babbling in my brain first. I would, however, like to point you to a post that I have managed to write this morning on my much neglected other blog Living Life Without Tenure, a post which might explain part of the brabble in my brain.

Now I will leave you with a little bit of nonsense.

Brabble in the Brain

Battling the babble
in my brain
ideas bounce around
and I feel insane.

To write, to draw,
to sing, to dance
so many options
if I give them a chance.

Knowledge of nonsense
seems to rule the day
while words ramble freely
trying to play.

Who will win the
war of words
chattering in my head
like hungry birds?

What creative climax
will I complete
and what ideas
will admit defeat?

Only time will tame
this chaotic craze
and perhaps the results
will indeed amaze.

And there you have it, a little nonsense poetry to try to tame the mess that is my brain today.

I just found this image on another person's blog (that I haven't read before) and I had to use it. Borrowed from http://www.jonathandanz.com/tag/story/





Brabble and Growl (100 Word Challenge)

A little silly poetry for my 100 Word Challenge for Grownups . . . although I guess this is more for kids. Enjoy.

My baby brother’s brabble
with his best friend Bobby,
caused me to foozle badly
doing my favorite hobby.

I dripped the paint all over.
I crumpled all the paper.
The glitter’s now on Rover,
and the room is now in danger.

Mother’s looking grumpy
Father’s looking frazzled
time to hide in my growlery
to avoid more of the brabble.

But hiding is horrendous
with all the noise out there
it makes me want to scream
and pull on someone’s hair.

The solution to the brabble 
between Bobby and my brother
is to send away the rabble
and my project I’ll recover.

The Balance of the Detail

When I created my little award the other day, I sparked an interesting discussion on the role of detail in writing.

So, for the sense of clarity, I’m going to go a little more into detail about what I meant. 😉

I’m not arguing for long, drawn out passages of purple prose that try to paint a picture for the reader that would be better done through a visual. Nor am I arguing for sentences that wrap words around each other in a complex convolution that ultimately has no meaning or does not move the story forward. I’m the first person to skim through those verbose passages as my inner vision never matches the description anyway. I will put down a book that tries so hard to be linguistically beautiful that the author says nothing with a lot of words.

No, the magic details that I referred to are those simple details that bring a story or a passage to life. Those details could be expressed in a few words, but with those few words an entire character/place/emotion comes to life. Those are the details that I want to learn to weave more strongly into my own writing.

I’ve been reading argument paper drafts this morning. One of my students wanted to argue about gay marriage, and why it should be allowed. Now, I obviously support gay marriage, but this particular student’s paper was completely unconvincing. The only argument he used was the fact that in  America “every man is created equal.” He kept repeating this argument throughout the paper, until he threw in a list I’ve seen before of sarcastic arguments about why gay marriage should not be allowed. (He also did not cite the list properly, but that’s a whole different issue).  We all know that our country doesn’t  really practice what it preaches, and gays are not the only ones who suffer because of it. So, without more details, his argument suffered because it wasn’t really an argument, it was a rant.

That’s my problem, rants without support. Rants without details.

As I was thinking about this post this morning (since about 4 am when insomnia struck again) I remembered a poem I wrote a while back that I haven’t really shared. Why? Because this poem came from the details around me, and I think those details support its meaning. It is not perfect, but I thought I would share. I am putting this in as a PDF, since I can never figure out how to make the formatting on my poems work.:


So, to sum it all up, don’t worry that I am going to bore you with long, detailed descriptions of meaningless drivel. My challenge to myself is to learn to  perfect my use of  details, not to abuse them.

Finally I will share with you a couple of images I am stealing borrowing from my brother, because I love the details.

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