Donut Delights, A poem by Lisa and Sarah

Donut Art by Sarah KramerLee

Eating Dunkin’ Donuts saying silly stuff.
Chugging minty chocolate, living life with love.

Gooey chocolate goodness, gives us great big grins.
A chicken salad sandwich fills us up within.

Dreaming of snowflakes makes us sigh,
for magic little pieces from the sky.

Cocoa warms us up, steaming in the cup.

Hearing Christmas carols rhyme,
makes us have a real  good time.

Mommy/daughter silliness sits upon the page,
maybe we should take our act and share it on the stage.

Oh What a FALL!

A joint post written by Sarah and Lisa

Title by Sarah

Today was a beautiful day. Despite the much delayed arrival of true fall colors, I decided to take advantage of a sunny day that also happened to be an in-service day for Sarah’s school (making this a four-day weekend). Since I woke this morning feeling like I could actually move my back as opposed to the brick wall that has been weighing me down all week, I decided to see if Sarah would go on a hike with me. However, since I knew that hikes with Sarah tend to be more successful when other people join, I invited my brother, Steve, to come with us. Steve, for those of you who don’t know yet, is also known as taochild and has his own fabulous blogs: The odd ramblings of a mind that does not quite fit and the hilarious The Ninja Cat Journals as well as a Photo Site with amazing images that I often steal borrow for my posts.

It was a good thing we asked him along, because he actually knew where to go. Plus, he was able to guide my over excited daughter and give me moral support as a simple hike turned into an uphill rock climb. But I’m not complaining, it was a fabulous day. And between the two of us, we got some amazing photos. Check out his (mostly) wordless post for some of the shots he took. I will add a few of my own below, although not all of them as I may reserve some shots for future posts. But first, a picture with Steve and I together to prove that we do exist, we are not serial killers, and we are indeed related (although I’m not sure if this picture proves that).

Brother and sister hike.

During the 1 1/2 hour drive home through Friday evening traffic, Sarah was still glowing from the fun of the day. In her most excited voice she said, “Mommy you should write a blog and call it Oh What a Fall!”

My heart warmed for her support of my blogging.

I said, I’ll do that, but I think it would be really nice if you wrote a poem that I could include in the post.

“Ok, I will!”

“Why don’t you write it during the drive home?”

And she did.

Oh What a FALL!

by Sarah KramerLee

Gray rocks staying still.

Peaceful hikers walking by.

Lovable Lisa talking with Steve.

Smart Steve socializing with Lisa.

Beautiful trees changing colors.

Brown squirrels scampering peacefully by.

Tweeting birds flying close by.

Cute dogs doing their stuff.

Big castle letting people in.

Green picnic table holding people.

Black maps showing the ways.

Perfect view going on.

Brown/black trash cans waiting for trash.

White mushrooms growing fine.

Blue pond making the animals comfortable.

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Poetry by Sarah

A number of factors have made posting a challenge for me lately. I am still struggling with internet access. I have been really sick for a few days. I am starting the downward cycle of fear that comes with changing everything in my life. I feel blocked. I am truly grateful to Renee at Life in the Boomer Lane who included me in a list of bloggers worthy of the Versatile Blogger award, but I feel unworthy and wordless.

Never fear, however, I am raising a daughter to love words as much as I do. So I will now share with you two poems she wrote over the past two days. She wrote a different poem in school, using the format “adjective, noun, verb, ending” and enjoyed it so much she wrote these at home.  Enjoy!

`Sarah  K.                                                                                                     9-23-11


Gentle rain falling down

Beautiful trees changing colors

Colorful cars going by

Green playground swinging in the wind

Brown power line giving power to people

Silver street lamp guiding people

Black road waiting for cars

Brownish trash wanting trash

Gray rock sitting still

Tan fence protecting territory

                                                  Gorgeous flowers brightening house

Blue lake swaying slowly

White house letting in people

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Sarah  K.                                                                                                                                  9-24-11


Colorful pictures hanging on the wall

Beautiful stripes cheering our house

Blue shoes white easel wanting for feet

Pink dollhouse silent as can be

Brown doors open and close

Perfect bed comfy as can be

Brown and White shelves full of stuff

Fluffy pillows soft as you see

Black stapler stapling papers together

Pretty stuffed animals sleeping on the ground

Green hooks staying still

Neat clothing scrunched up still

Brabble and Growl (100 Word Challenge)

A little silly poetry for my 100 Word Challenge for Grownups . . . although I guess this is more for kids. Enjoy.

My baby brother’s brabble
with his best friend Bobby,
caused me to foozle badly
doing my favorite hobby.

I dripped the paint all over.
I crumpled all the paper.
The glitter’s now on Rover,
and the room is now in danger.

Mother’s looking grumpy
Father’s looking frazzled
time to hide in my growlery
to avoid more of the brabble.

But hiding is horrendous
with all the noise out there
it makes me want to scream
and pull on someone’s hair.

The solution to the brabble 
between Bobby and my brother
is to send away the rabble
and my project I’ll recover.

Another Guest Poem by Sarah


Desmond is cute, cuddly, and fantastic.

He feels like a brother but nice.

He’s silent like the wind,

and he’s my friend!

Note: I have no idea why she thinks brothers aren’t nice. Her words, not mine. 😉  UPDATE: I finally got an explanation of the brother line. She considers our male dog, Jasper, her brother. While he is nice, he can be a rather annoying pain in the rear–just like the two-legged sort.

My Great Snow!

The following is a poem written by my daughter today. I corrected the spelling.

Snow is beautiful,
so soft as a pillow
You can build a snowman together.
We could have a snowball fight and have hot cocoa!
As you know you could have a lot of fun.

Love Sarah Kyoko KramerLee

What can I say? A poet in the making. For another sample of her work, check out The Pretty Place.

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