Time to Forgive? (100 WCGU)

This weeks 100 Word Challenge for Grownups is a continuation, of sorts from last week’s challenge. We need to use the last 10 words of someone else’s writing from last week to prompt our response this week. This is also a two-week challenge (because of vacation I think) so I may try to do a few of these. But, for my first one I was instructed to use the piece following mine as my source prompt. Confused yet? Don’t be. The source of my 10 words is called “For Old Times’ Sake” at lorrainfort’s blog. My challenge follows:

Debra looked around the small group of aging women.  “Our class is dwindling,” she whispered to Brian, who gripped her hand more tightly.

“Are you ready for this,” he asked?

“I have to be,” Debra peered through groups of women still recognizable despite the ravages of time. Finally she saw Amy, sitting like a queen bee amidst her followers.  Amy’s eyes widened when she noticed Debra. Debra watched as Amy excused herself and then took hesitant steps in her direction.

“Here she comes,” Brian gave her hand a squeeze and stepped away.

Debra tried to stand tall. What would happen this time? Passionate sharing of youthful memories? would they finally, finally…


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