The Ideal Vacation

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Go ahead, call me selfish. I admit it. I’m also human.

On Thanksgiving we played this game where you were given a question to write about, then everyone had to try to guess who gave which answer. The question: something like “what would you do for the ideal vacation?” My answer “anything that didn’t have to do with family.”

Nobody wanted to guess that I had written that. My family (Nathan and Sarah) were in the room. I could never write that.

But I did.

Here’s the thing. When we get to actually go someplace for a vacation, the destination usually includes the extended family. I often need vacations after those vacations. And yes I would love to take a fabulous vacation with Nathan and Sarah. But I can’t deny it, I would also love to have a vacation on my own, or with a friend. I want a few days where the only living creature I have to worry about is myself. Not my daughter. Not my husband. Not my dogs. Not my students who think I’m on duty 24-7. Just myself.

That would me my ideal vacation.

So I admit it. I am selfish. But everyone needs time alone once in a while, don’t they?

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