When Words are Wrong

A bird perched on the corner of my roof and did nothing but be a bird. I imagine she sat tasting the breeze and listening to the sounds of invisible bugs, pausing for a moment to enjoy nothingness  until the right sound called to her and she flew away.

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I envy her.

I opened to my Google home page where I always check the weather, look at a piece of art, perhaps read Calvin and Hobbes and yes, I admit, read my horoscope. Here’s what today’s said:

My Horoscope AstroSync


You may feel unsettled today because you know something is about to change. Your feelings are quite volatile now and you don’t know where they are leading you. Unfortunately, your attempts to suppress your needs could provoke you to unconsciously act out. Trying to control the situation by limiting your interactions with others will only make you feel lonely. Remember that you are a Fish and should know that it’s easier to swim with the currents instead of resisting the tide.

This one rang true.
I feel lost. I feel alone. And I feel like my words are wrong.
I wish I could have a birdbrain moment, where nothing mattered but the cool wind and the bugs and my ability to fly.
The pictures were all taken by my brother at different times. For more of his fabulous photography visit him at Thru My Eyes

Let it Flow

According to one of my horoscopes, today I am supposed to have some very strong psychic powers. But, according to another one, I might doubt everything today.  I admit to my addiction for looking at horoscopes. I mean, I would love for there to be some true guidance from the universe. I often joke that I want to see an arrow in the side pointing in my next direction. But it’s not really a joke. I mean, I am trying to be open to whatever is percolating out their for my life. But ambiguity is definitely not easy. And if there are supposed to be signs, how do you know if you haven’t missed one, or misinterpreted one? Some days I truly trust and have faith, and then others I feel hopeless. I guess that’s only human.  Humans want to have some control over the universe (that’s why we’ve put ourselves into so many predicaments). Is that what makes us human? I want to let go of that need for control and live in a time of trusting that the energy around me is working towards helping me find something good.  I also know that I need to make some positive assertions to help that along. So here goes:

  • Nathan will get the job offer we are waiting for, so we will know where we are going to move in the fall.
  • Our house will sell within the next month, so that we have money to move and can pay down some debt.
  • I will figure out a way to make all of my dreams and goals come true including: publishing my book, becoming an arts advocate, and starting my own business.
  • Sarah will be happy, healthy, and thrive in our new home.
  • Nathan will be able to start puppeteering (or at least building puppets) and creating that career.
  • I will find a group of friends who welcome me and become very close.
  • I will stay in touch with the friends that I have now.

Is this letting it flow or visualizing? I think it is both, I’m working on having faith that things will happen, but I also need to ask for what I want. In this way, the universe will let it manifest. I truly believe that.

Thanks for listening.

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