Keep it Simple

Words heard in a complicated dream:

“Keep it simple.”

I understand the words, but I don’t know what they mean.

My ideas are too complicated. My thoughts are too muddled. My hopes are too intricate.

I must learn simplicity.

I have started many stories, but get lost in their complexity.

I have started many projects, only to lose my way.

In the past I accomplished all my goals, even if they were complex. But now I struggle even though I have fewer immediate expectations.

I function better in chaos, but not the chaos that is my mind. So now it is time to simplify.

But what exactly does that mean?

Simple perfection.

Only time will tell as I sit and listen to the silence.

Return to Simplicity

We make everything so complicated. I make everything so complicated. When in reality life should be simple.

We are born. We eat. We drink. We sleep. We feel. We work. We dream. We love. We smile. We cry.  We live.  We die.

Truly, very simple.  All the rest–the drama, the hurt feelings, the angst–comes from a bizarre desire for human’s to make it more complicated. Even the least dramatic of us thrives on moments of drama and excitement. Our forms of adventure may be found from different sources, but we still seek them out. Or at least I think most of us do.

But I don’t want to do that anymore. I want to embrace the simple. Think about it,  how much more joyous could we be if we just faced life in terms of simplicity?

I thought of this reading Tori’s post at The Ramblings yesterday which reminded me that the stories I enjoy reading are the ones that simply share someone’s perspective of life. Yes, sometimes the form of that perspective (at least in terms of fiction) might take me on an unexpected adventure, but the stories I love the most are stories about people. Simple stories. Simple feelings. Simple life.

I thought about this more as I read Kathy’s post called “In Praise of the Pathetic Palate” which reminded me how often we, in America at least, focus on the ridiculous like the best diet to stay thin, when there are people out in the world who have no choice but to be thin because they don’t have enough food to eat.

It really is simple.  We are born. We eat. We drink. We sleep. We feel. We work. We dream. We love. We smile. We cry. We live.  We die.

Keep it simple everyone. I’m going to try.

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