Get My Motor Running

I blame it on the heat.

[Mr. Sarcastic says, “Heat?! What heat?! There is no such thing as global warming. You are just lazy”]

Well, perhaps Mr. Sarcastic is right, but it seems that my mind has taken a summer vacation.

I keep telling myself to sit down and write, either on the book or the blog.  I plot and plan how to accomplish some incredible act of creativity, but like the dog in Up! as soon as I start to focus, my brain gets distracted.


Although for me its more like: “Ice Cream!”

I swear, at the moment all I want to do is eat ice cream.

Now, this is not another writer’s block post, because that really isn’t the problem.  I don’t even really have a problem. I just have a mind that insists its on summer vacation and seems to want to seek adventures away from the computer screen.

I think I need some adventure!

Wordless Brain

Not feeling capable of saying much, so I thought I’d share a few pictures of the last weeks adventures instead.

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