A Little Break

I’m feeling very disconnected and confused and sad right now, so I think I need a little break for a few days. I’ll be back when I can think straight.

Thank you to all my blogging friends for reading, for responding, and for welcoming me into this wonderful community. I’ll be back soon.

To Help Us All Relax . . .

In response to all of the wonderful comments on my previous post, and recognizing that many of us seem to be in the world of the frazzled today, I offer all of you wonderful people a little bit of this:

and maybe some of this:

A relaxing float in coolness. (Image by Steve Kramer)

Or perhaps you prefer this:

Image by Steve Kramer

Tori suggested this:

A nap cures many ills.

Or maybe we simply need a little bit of this: 

Or this: 

The Doctor is . . . Out

Thank you Eileen from Aligeata’s Blog for this wonderful image. Feel free to use it with a pingback to her, not me.

See you all tomorrow for the beginning of the April A to Z challenge.


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