Two Projects: I Need YOUR Help

It’s time.

I need to get focused.

I want to work on a larger project, one that may (or may not) have potential to move beyond the blogosphere (as wonderful as this community is).

I am still working toward self-publishing Giving Up the Ghosts, but I have edited it so many times now I think my head will explode. It is very close to being ready to go, except for cover art and minor format things depending on where I’m publishing. I am taking an on-line course at the moment to learn more details about self-publishing and publishing as a whole before I throw myself into the unknown without a parachute.

So now it is time to really focus on some of the major projects on my list. I have a few that have a time limit (like planning out my class for next semester before I go to Slovakia, and a couple of job applications). I have many more that have just been sitting there while I wait for the “right moment.”

Well, the right moment is now, because there is never a perfect moment. The only thing that has been holding me back, as usual, is my own fear of failure, but I fail worse if I do not try.

So, while I may be working on a few other things as well, I have two exciting projects that I would like to share (briefly) with you today, because I could use a little bit of help. I’m a little hesitant to write this, as I sometimes fear sharing ideas that other’s may “borrow,” so please forgive me if I remind you that everything written here has a big  attached.

  • The first project is a collaboration of sorts with an extremely talented playwright/director friend of mine named Pamela Sterling. She and I have been talking about working together for a long time, bouncing ideas around in a never-ending game of ping pong. But finally we’ve decided just to begin by writing, and we will see where it takes us. She has wanted to do something surrounding the life of Louisa May Alcott (the story behind the story, since Alcott wrote fascinating thrillers to make extra money, pieces that might not be deemed appropriate for women at the time). As you might recall, I too am fascinated by the women who broke the rules and challenged the system. My problem is that there are so many women who fascinate me that I struggle to narrow my focus. So that’s where I need a little help from you. Which historical female writers (or others) true stories fascinate you? Please give me suggestions below.
  • The second project might be even more interesting to some of you (or maybe not). It is also a little scary for me to put out here, for public consumption, but I will do it anyway. I’m following the call of the Storyteller, who keeps making appearances throughout my blog.  I know that I am the Storyteller, but so are you.  The stories we share make this an incredible community. So often a story I read resonates with me in profound ways, leading me to share another story, and so on and so on ad infinitum. I want to gather some of our stories together, guided by the character of the Storyteller. I plan to discover some of the common themes that the Storyteller deems valuable, and try to collect stories surrounding those themes for each chapter. To put it more bluntly, I would like to compile a collection of blog posts (including images) together into book form, with permission of course. I may ask some of you for a post I’ve read before. In some ways I will be taking on the role of both editor and writer (and if it doesn’t find a home possibly publisher)  If any of you are interested in being part of this project, please let me know (through e-mail LisaWieldsWords at gmail dot com). Also understand that I will be selective, and I want to work with people who I trust. I know there are legal aspects to this idea that I need to figure out, but I promise I will not touch any of your work without express permission from you.

On a side note, as I was searching for a few images just now, I noticed Google’s header today, on Marie Curie’s 144th birthday:

Talk about women who broke the rules . . . this is an encouraging sign.

There you have it, two projects that I plan to focus on. What do you think?


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