Reflections on Writing

My thanks go to Vicky at Little Miss Everything for tagging me with the rather daunting task of looking over my own writing and choosing the “best.” Actually, I really am grateful because I am back in the


You know, that zone where you feel like you have nothing worthwhile to say and even less worthwhile to read. Perhaps looking over some of my old posts might inspire me, or alternatively it may make me realize that writing is a ridiculous dream that I should give up completely. So here goes:

1. Most Beautiful Post . . . I’m going to cheat a little and simply link to my most a recent post about Beauty called The Search for True Beauty.

2. Most Controversial Post . . . Despite the fact that I seem to have a tendency to rant in my posts, I don’t seem to spark a lot of controversy. Maybe I simply don’t have enough readers for a true public debate, or maybe I only interest readers who, for the most part, understand my point. However, I wrote Hell is Living in the Bible Belt knowing that I might trigger some people, and got a few comments that basically told me I was going to Hell. If that’s not controversial, I don’t know what is.

3. Most Helpful Post . . . I don’t know that any of my posts have been extremely helpful except by introducing a few bloggers to each other (I seem to be good at making the connections between bloggers). But here’s a (barely read) post that I think could be very helpful to those of us (or many of us) who struggle with The Persistent Power of Perfectionism.

4. A Post Whose Success Surprised Me . . . this one is the easiest for me to pick because I simply looked up the post that got the most hits and voila, Birthday Wishes comes to the top. I think its success merely comes from people searching for words to say to someone else for their birthday. But, as I read over this post, I realized something pretty incredible. Many of those birthday wishes have come true. Not all, but many.  Maybe there is some magic to a wish made on your birthday.

5. A post that didn’t get the attention that I felt it deserved . . . I don’t know that anybody ever read my post The Culture of Bullying, but I think it said something important.

6. Post I’m most proud of . . .I struggle with this one, as I find it hard to be proud of any of my writing. I still battle the “its not good unless I’m Freshly Pressed” or “I can’t be a good writer because nobody comments.” But, I think the post I am most proud of is a recent one, where I share the lessons I learned working with a very special community of people–Appropriate Age Appropriateness.

Now I need to pass  this task challenge onto 5 of my fellow bloggers. I don’t know that I can do that. So, rather than pick 5 specific people, I offer this challenge to anyone who wants to take it up.  Consider yourself TAGGED!

Seriously, I think this is a good exercise for all  especially for those of us who tend to be overly critical of our own work. Looking through past posts has shown me that I have some good stuff as well as garbage. I’ve come a long way since I first started this blog, and I guess I’ll keep going until I figure out what to do next.

Take the challenge, and share some posts with the world! I’ll be sure to read them

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